India Holiday trends for 2013

Holidays are for relaxation and sightseeing. Indian holidays occur during the National and Regional festivals. Though there are lots of local and national festivals which revolve around religion and region, there has been only certain important days are declared as public holidays. These days are, without doubt, holidays when people all throughout the country celebrate and enjoy. Only the emergency and essential services will run on these days.

holiday dates 2013

India holiday dates 2013

Every year, according to the Indian gazette, there are three public holidays which people celebrate in their own way. The first Indian holiday 2013 in the month of January is the Republic Day. It occurs on the 26th of January. Delhi, the capital of India will witness a colorful parade in front of the President of India who will take the salutes of the Army, Navy and Air force  In addition, all important regions and departments will showcase their highlights in front of the President. This parade will be an enjoyable one exhibiting the cultural and ethical background of the country along with the modern developments in science and technology. Even school and college children from all over the country will take part in this Republic day Parade. The second Indian holiday 2013 in the Gazette is the Independence Day that falls on every 15th of August. The third one is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October.

Apart from these full National Holidays there are many national holidays every year declared in the Gazette.  Most of them are religious based. While many of them are declared as National Holidays throughout the country, some are declared as holidays to certain regions only. Since India is a vast country where people follow various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., These Indian Holidays are declared for certain regions only where people of particular religion live.  Buddha Purnima on 25th May is one such Indian holiday 2013. Other popular holidays are Janmashtami, Dussera, Diwali, Guru NanakJayanti, Muharram, and Christmas.

Trends in Visitor and Working Holiday

Trends in Visitor and Working Holiday

The general trend in India towards spending holidays, apart from celebrating festivals, is going to tours during the summer vacation and during the year end vacation. India holiday in December is the hottest holiday season when people will be travelling to other places according to their budgets. December is the season when there is a general holiday mood in the air. Indians all over the country, irrespective of their religion, celebrate Christmas in a much greater enthusiasm. Along with Christmas, the main India holiday in December, many of the government employees who have saved all their eligible leaves for this purpose, will be ready to go for long trips to relax and to begin the New Year with full vigor. The current trend of travelling to new places is growing tremendously among the Indians. Due to the decreased flight charges and the increased income potential among the middle class Indians, there has been a large percentage growth in the inbound as well as outbound travels especially during an India holiday in December.

Travelling: The emerging holiday trend in India is more towards travelling to new places in affordable prices. Particularly the younger generation is keen to explore the new destinations and is looking forward to have new experiences. Travelling to various parts of the world is becoming a new necessity and almost a compulsory routine in Indian holidays. The globalization and the increasing family and work pressures are the reasons that have created these routine compulsions among the Indians. They have discovered that tourism is the best solace that relaxes and rejuvenates both the mind and body and so the increase in travelling for the past two decades.

Adventure Sports and Activities: The new trend during an India holiday in December planning towards travelling is the adventure sports and activities for the youth and even for family. Many Indians have learned to enjoy and explore their touring trips by indulging in adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, water sports, skiing, scuba diving, balloon safari, etc., Hence packages that satisfy the youth and the adventurers are in great demand. Apart from sightseeing the world famous places, they want to select tour packages that allow them more adventure and entertainment.


ski skiing india

ski skiing india

Eco-Tourism: Another trend in travelling during Holiday India is the exploration of the world in an eco-friendly method. This eco-tourism, with as much as comfort and style as possible, among the natural areas and among the dense forests that are preciously preserved, are on the increase. Indian holiday 2013 also is fast witnessing niche tourism where tourists enjoy their holidays within their chosen field of friends.

Experimental Tourism:  Many Indian tourists like to spend their life, at least for the few days during their India holidays, in a new cultural background and be apart of a different culture. For this they are ready to avoid the routine holiday hotels and prefer homestays, which provide a greater opportunity to stay with a foreign family, eat their home made food and be a guest, without losing their privacy.  India holiday 2013 is fast moving towards homestay culture.

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Essential Alleppey Guide Days Trips

Alleppey is approximately located at a distance of around seventy kilometers to the main city of Cochin in the South. Alleppey has been stated a number of times in the past of Kerala literature. It is always known to have a magnificent past with the most sought after history ever since the rule of the famous Divan Raja.

Along with the backwaters, the second best thing which attracts the people to this wonderful town is its temperate climate. The temperature always lies in the range of twenty degrees to thirty five degrees. Though the monsoons have always

alleppey beach

Aalleppey beach

really heavy here, they have always attracted tourists as many claim that Alleyppey is at its peak of scenic beauty during these rainy months. In today’s times, Alleyppey is also known as Alappuzha. From Cochin, one can easily reach here via trains, buses and cars in the form of their on private vehicle or as a taxi or a cab.



There are many tourist companies which would easily arrange your trip round the region with a lot of professionalism. They would even take into consideration your personal wishes and demands and set the entire tour according to you. All is easily taken care of right from tickets to accommodation to food demands as well as your travel itinerary is prepared in advance and all is marked up to date. As far as hotels are concerned one can choose from an entire range of hotels starting from five star hotels to three star hotels as per one’s needs and budgets. Same goes with all forms of vehicles for travelling to foods and sight seeing. The tourist companies can even offer you with guides to make the entire trip even more special and help you understand every aspect related to Alleppey even more special. Since, Alleppey is known for its back waters, with prior notification one can even book a back water boat for themselves for a night or so and enjoy their absolutely pleasant and a beautiful stay over there. One can even plan a day of shopping and splurge buying local goodies like spices, local clothes, local tea and coffee.

Kerala is often sighted and termed as the land of the Gods. Alleppey holds this saying true, as the most number of places worth seeing here are the beautiful, magnificent temples here. Alleyppey is one of the rare places in Kerala which lets non-Hindu people enter the temple, though foreigners are not allowed. One must definitely see the famous Ambalapuzha temple and its famous festival. It is located at a distance of approximately fourteen kilometers from the main town and is one of the major city highlights. The Prasad of the temple is famous worldwide for its naturally sweet taste and is called the Rose Payasam. Apart from this one can visit many important places like the Shreekrishna Swami temple and churches like St. Mary’s church. This church is also known as the Champakulam church and is believed to be one of the seven churches set up by St. Thomas. One should even visit the local market and invest in buying spices that are locally grown and produced here such as Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay leaves, Vanilla pods and etc. One should even invest in the famous temple jewellery available here which is of historical importance since long.

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India where to go in April

April, May and June are India’s hottest months with lots of heat and if you are planning an India tour to visit various India places then obviously you can plan a trip or a holiday to some good Indian destinations to avoid the intolerable heat. Following in this article are provided some of the best places in India where to go in April for a wonderful holiday along with avoiding the immense heat. Just have a quick look at these destinations of India tours that are described with a little description.

Himachal Pradesh – Well this category includes all the major hilly areas of India when planning a trip to India including DharamShala, Rohtang, Shimla, Manali, Kangra, McLeod Ganj, Bhagsunaag etc. These hilly areas are best place to be close to India’s Northern eternal beauty and the cool pleasant weather makes you feel like in Heaven. Here you can enjoy the winter at its peak and the most pleasant summers.

Goa – How can one miss this exquisitely beautiful and gorgeous place in a trip to India that is just simply the centre of attraction for all tourists (National as well as International). A must visit from my point of view.

Jammu and Kashmir – If we just leave all the political controversies moving around this exotic place then this place is undoubtedly a living Heaven on earth due to its mesmerizing beauty, romantic elegance and class and never to forget sightseeing that make this place remarkable.

Andaman Nicobar – If you having a good budget and money to spend then this is the best place to visit in April. The perpetually stunning beaches along with historical monuments from the before freedom times make this place a hot choice for the holiday destination.

Kerala – One of most famous holiday destination in India places especially in April. Enjoy the beautiful natural beauty, remarkable beaches along with Kerala’s famous Ayurveda treatments.

Coorg – This exquisite India place is also referred to as Kodagu and one of the most beautiful South Indian’s places in the Western Ghats mountains. Do visits for experiencing elegant Homestay lodging, spices and coffee plantations, noteworthy national parks and forests along with rich cultural small villages.

Kodaikanal in south India – Kodaikanal is also referred to as the Gift of the Forests as the name implies best holiday destination especially in Indian April.

Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar – This is well famous for the Mount Malcolm, the Pratapgarh fort, the Rajpuri Caves in Panchgani, the Chainman’s Falls, the Bombay Point, Arthur’s Seat, the Carnac Point, the Morarji Castle and the Babington Point.

mumbai sea

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Five ways to spend holidays in India

India is famous around the world for spectacular tourist spots. Whether it is your honeymoon, religious tour or adventure holidays, there is something for everyone. So how will you plan your holidays so that it is fulfilling and worth every money you spent? Scroll down to read five ways you can spend your holidays in India so that you enjoy every moment in India.

holidays in india

One of the ways you can spend your holidays in India is through adventure sports. You may go to the foot hills of Himalayas and enjoy winter sports such as trekking, mountain climbing and winter sports such as skiing. If the adrenaline rush is not enough, you can head towards Rishikesh which is one of the most famous places for adventure sports. You can indulge into river rafting during February and June and again from September to Mid December. Besides this you can also indulge yourself into body surfing & cliff jumping, rappelling & rock climbing, waterfall trekking, kayaking, canyoning and canoeing.

Another way you can spend your holidays in India is by enjoying some of the most splendid beaches in India. If you love sea and sea food head towards the sea shores. The sun kissed beaches of India will take you by surprise. While Goa beaches make you feel young and vivacious, while Lakshwadeep will interest you if you love the aqua marine tourism. Lakshwadeep is becoming increasingly popular for its spectacular beaches clear water and coral reefs.

If you are interested to explore the spiritual side of India, you have several religious and holy places. Learn about its mysticism and philosophy. Visit Badri Nath and Kedar Nath to visit the two mighty Hindu Gods, Vishnu and Shiva. Traverse through the destinations of Ganga from Gangotri, towards Haridwar, Banaras and Kashi.  It teaches about the course of one’s life, journey and death and ultimately nirvana.

Heritage tourism is one of the best ways of spending your holidays in India. India is peppered with monuments of historical significance, which page by page unravels the history of India. Be it Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Hyderabad or Aurangabad, each city and state has its diachronic importance.

The first and last, probably the best way, to spend your time in India is by tantalizing your taste buds and gorging on some relishing delicacies of Indian cuisine. Be it North, West, East or South every direction you travel there is new flavor which surprises you every time.

India will never disappoint you as a traveler, as every nook and cranny of this country has a different culture and hence a different flavour as well.  You may never get enough of it.

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What to See in North India

If you have a plan to come on the tour of any tourist places out of their country and you have no exact idea what should be done and seen to enjoy to the utmost your life during the tour. For example If you are having a plan to visit North India first and foremost you ought to be aware of the finest significant regarding worth seeing places. You need to get to know what you are going to do and what you will visit to make romantic tour of your time.

There are several things, scenario and unusual culture to enjoy in North India like architecture, Temples Mountains and water features. The thing about which mostly people have no knowledge regarding North India is that it is abode of the Himalyas in deed that is the finest renowned landmark in whole world. Second thing is that there are as much billionaires of the world more of them belong to North India than any other of all over India.


Perhaps you may have hear the name of Blue Mango nothing to amaze, for, mostly people have no knowledge even now that it is in survive, but reality is that it is very dreamlike and relaxing place for you. The main part of Blue Mango is that it is accurately in the midst of the Himalya Mountains due to which you can always get fresh and warm water. If you wish to have a good time spend very soothing and comforting day come to visit Blue Mango around Himalyas and feel for yourself.

qutub minar

The structure and beauty of the Qutub Minar is one of the most atrociously constructed historical memories all over India in its time. The structure is considered to have built to be sign of starting Muslim rule in India but it is not confirmed presumption. Many people who don’t know regarding Qutub Minar, reason is that none has confirm knowledge regarding this real story or a belief. Second thing is that this structure took 168 years to construct this 5 story building and also took 2 singular kings with the vision. You must visit this historical structure to get full enjoy of your trip.

golden temple

Golden temple of Amritsar is well known not only in India but all over the world, if you had willingness to visit the most holy places in India It will be the right option for you in North India. If you want to tours to north india must visit this magnificent masterpiece of architecture, your eyes will stay at that masterpiece structure sacred temple of the Sikh religion. As you can envisage this was something that repeatedly happened and one of the most worth seeing places in the region.

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Things to do in India

india attractions

Taj Mahal is the crown palace and symbol of eternal love, well known to seven wonders all over the world. You must not miss to visit it. Madurai is believed to be the oldest of South Asia and said to be the temple city, due to its enormous unmatchable temples. You ought to visit Madurai.

If you love to enjoy beaches, Goa is the perfect for this go to Bagha beach eat, drink and enjoy yourself in different ways according to surroundings.

If you are planning to visit Gangtok in winter season test out the ice-covered lake and certainly come to visit China Border. The place has magnificent monasteries also.

India is the home to assortment of different culture and different religion so you will get to enjoy various types of festival during your trip to India weather in any season you visit. Afterward wreck of the city of triumph Vijaynagar well known as Hampi is able to visit. More over it you can get pleasure from boating on the backwaters of Karala through the verdant steamy waterways of the Deep South of India.

If you would like to enjoy wonderful stony friezes, sacred and sea shabby coast temple, Mamalllapuram is the finest fishing and stone statuette village to visit.

Camel riding at the grand Indian Desert could be very idealistic for the tourist experience and having a ride on elephant bareback and a lot more you can take enjoy in Jaipur. Amritsar is renowned place in Punjab in India is a scared place for the believer of Sikh religion must visit it.

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Travel tips for Kashmir


kashmir valley

The earth of paradise Kashmir has been the most gorgeous and recurrently from the beginning for the tourist destination in India, whose insubstantial beauty and thrilling locality, draw the tourists, good enough to visit again.

  1. The gardens, trees, lakes, and the valleys everything around the place draws the tourists. A tour of Kashmir can be brought an extremely pleasant experience to have some significant tourist strategy in mind. If you follow the rules of the surroundings and be careful of your own necessities, you will come back with some remarkable reminiscences.
  2. Select the acceptable season, as per your appropriateness. The weather of Kashmir is exceedingly enjoyable in summers and spring, this is the time to become the most of the tourists concourse in the city; but you want to take pleasure from snow and cold, the winters also will be suitable for you. So create an arrangement as per your suitability.
  3. If you want to enjoy a trip of Kashmir, you will have to consult a Indian travel agent to completely experience and get pleasure from a comfortable trip, sans having any requirement to assemble belongings to your end. The tour operator will accomplish all the things for you and you will have no more than enjoy. One thing more, if you like naturalness, exciting activity and moving in nearly all factual sense, you can take off with your back pack and receive the out of blue.
  4. On the tour of Kashmir, bear in mind that you bring all the required documents and self identity papers. Bring with visa, tickets, license and other permits that are available with you every time to provide on the occasion of military security check you could require them all the time. You should not forget to bring sufficient amount with you in an unfamiliar place, so remember to carry your credit cards and ATM to save from financial difficulties and your clothes must be in accordance with weather.
  5. Also bring your required trimmings and toiletries, as being all set with the whole thing you required, just increase the attraction of a new place. Keep at ease footwear, body creams, tinted lenses, shaving kit and so on. You should forget to bring first aid box with you. Therefore keep your essential medicines, pills and tablets, anti allergic pills, anti nausea pills bandages, and other prescribed medicinal drugs. If you are suffering from ill at a new place, this is the things to help you first.
  6. Comprehend the traveler guidebooks well and intermingle with the local people get to know abort customs and traditions of the place. Don’t do such things that are offensive and inappropriate as per the customs, if you need any help; consult the registered government authorities or some local guide.
  7. Enjoy all the finest places of the whole city on your Kashmir trip, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and the well known Dal Lake, enjoy boat riding also on Dal Lake in the Shikaras. Take pleasure in elite Kashmiri shopping, have a time local dishes that will remain as remarkable for good in your life.

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Why Choose India Cottage Holiday?

In India, Luxury cottages are built in a very modern style to fascinate the tourist and besides it lots of modern facilities are provided to enjoy the best of luxury cottages.

leela cottages goa

India is rapidly making progress from tourism point of view and enhancing towards its pinnacle and cottages of India are becoming the centre of attraction for few last year. During holidays, more over to be very unusual place to reside, holiday cottages are the ideal means to enjoy the local environment. Luxury cottages have been the standard for just about every tourist objective. Mostly cottages are made to build by the tour operators or by string of hotels, but some are also well furnished and good looking style that dual the cottage’s rent.

pondicherry cottage

In India the perception of cottages securing attractiveness steadily with maximum will of tourist to take the cottages on rent for their residing in these scenic locations. There are lots of such types of pleasing locations in India for instance backwaters of Kerala, the beaches of Goa and the slop tea garden of Nainital the holiday cottages have become the center of attraction among the tourist. Enjoy eminence time in the lap of nature that is provided by this holiday cottages trip in which remaining for some days will be quite enough to energize and refresh the mind and soul.

cottage manali

Lots of other facilities are demanded by some tourists like ayurveda massages, aromatherapy etc, for much better reviving process. Several people come to these cottages for long period to recover from their ill health to with a view to getting an alteration of environment. In India the cottages have been like second home for those people who wish for peaceful journey. The showmen of such types of cottages are also thinking about dissimilar styles to fascinate the patrons by providing up to date facilities in their cottages for the tourists.

The designs of furniture and well furnished with wooden work enhance the natural beauty in architecture; in addition to that some great characteristics of the region are engrafted in luxury cottages like best culinary art along with phone line amenities and a sets of television. Strictly speaking, holiday cottages are constructed in such modern ways that good enough to provide most excellent of the luxuries. The tourists get utmost care and ease with a hard contest among the several promoters when they come India with a view to visiting the luxury cottages.

The choice of prices in these cottages tour fluctuate from low budget to expensive lavish cottages that  also consists of some of the most excellent places to spend the holidays in India. The information about cottages in detail and regarding several rental cottages to stay the tourist for a long time is found in India tours of Holiday India.

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Unseen splendor of Rajmachi

Built in the 17th century, Rajmachi is a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri. Famous for its widespread trekking area and is a historical trade route in Maharashtra. The picturesque view of this place makes it a famous tourist destination.

satya health

The beauty of this place lies in its tow fortified structures the Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort. Going back to its history, Rajmachi played a significant role in the Indian history as it was a den for many rulers and invaders in the past. This fort was built to overview the entire Konkan region. Located very close to popular destinations Lonavala and Khandala, Rajmachi fort has its serene beauty. The ancient caves built near the fort are famous for their ingenious architectures. During monsoon this place becomes more attractive with giant waterfalls and greenery.

rural aid area ajmachi

For trekkers this place is an awesome treat, they can begin their journey to Rajmachi from Lonavala and up to the Tungarli Dam. A two day trekking is always preferred as one cannot complete their journey in 24 hours.

Visitors visit this place for an overview of the forest and fort area of this place. The wildlife sanctuary in Rajmachi attracts maximum tourists of the nearby areas. Tourist can explore the unseen beauty of Rajmachi and can have a better insight of this place. The place like Walwan Village which lies between the twin hills is famous for its beautiful waterfalls during the monsoon. The Udhewadi Village is a place where one can taste the genuine Maharashtrian food. Talking about Shrivardhan fort, the famous landmark of Rajmachi, this fort is located to the east side of Rajmachi.

The beautiful semi circular entrance of this fort marks a Buddhist influence on the visitor. There is carved stone plate in the wall of the water reservoir which makes the places even more beautiful. An ancient Shiva temple, built in Hemdpanti style, is situated on the western side of the water reservoir. The Manoranjan Fort famous for its square lake has a magnificent view and tourist can rest here for an hour or two to have a look at its natural beauty. The fort at Pali, Karnala, Nagfani, Matheran or the Khandala railway station can be seen from this height of the fort.  Tourist can also visit the four ancient Buddhist caves at the base of the Twin peaks.

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Plan Your Vacation with Golden Triangle with Himachal Wonder

If you are thinking of planning a vacation this summer, then the golden triangle with Himachal wonder will definitely serve as the best vacation that you could have ever planned. It will surely rejuvenate you with its mesmerizing nature, cascading waterfalls and amazing natural bliss.

The cold and soothing weather of the Himachal will endear and enchant you with its pure and divine beauty like never before. The golden triangle with Himachal is the most sought after tour package not only in India but abroad as well, thousands of tourists flock from different assorted places to enjoy and relax in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Shimla-the capital of Himachal Pradesh is known for various historical sites, back water and nature that have blessed this wonderful city in India. Even during the British rule in India, this beautiful town was the summer capital of the Britishers as it was renowned for its scenic beauty and amazing weather even then.

With Golden Triangle with Himachal Wonder, you can also visit other places like Delhi Agra and Jaipur. These cities are famous for their rich historical and cultural heritage. Start your journey with the capital of India, Delhi which is revered for its array of historical monuments which reminds us of the great heritage and glorious culture of our country. Delhi is an amalgam of new and old, and this combination can be experienced delightfully in the areas of old and New Delhi.

Next destination on the tour includes Agra- also known as the city of love. This place requires no introduction as it well recognized all over the world for the presence of famous Taj Mahal which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. One should also visit places Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb, Buland Darwaza, Itmad-ud-Daulah Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri etc.

Taking the Golden Triangle with Himachal Wonder further, the next destination on the tour is Jaipur, also known as the Pink City is home to many ancient monuments and royal havelis. This city stands as the epitome of culture, tradition and heritage which have still been kept alive by the people of the state.  You can still get the glimpse of the royal heritage with magnificent forts surrounding the city. The notable attractions of the place are Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Birla Temple, and City Palace.

Taking this tour to another level, the next destination is one of the most beautiful places and the main spot of this tour – Himachal Pradesh. The very romantic and fine-looking city of Shimla, adorned with shopping malls, churches and ancient buildings. Besides, there are many other places to visit as well like Chail that is perfect to revive and energize your spirits.

Here you can stay in the naturally beautiful Sangla camp that is ideal for perfect gateway. Also visit botanical gardens, Himachal museum and famous Jakkhu temple. Relaxing yourself in the lap of the Himalayas is one of the most divine and beautiful experience.


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