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Alleppey is approximately located at a distance of around seventy kilometers to the main city of Cochin in the South. Alleppey has been stated a number of times in the past of Kerala literature. It is always known to have a magnificent past with the most sought after history ever since the rule of the famous Divan Raja.

Along with the backwaters, the second best thing which attracts the people to this wonderful town is its temperate climate. The temperature always lies in the range of twenty degrees to thirty five degrees. Though the monsoons have always

alleppey beach

Aalleppey beach

really heavy here, they have always attracted tourists as many claim that Alleyppey is at its peak of scenic beauty during these rainy months. In today’s times, Alleyppey is also known as Alappuzha. From Cochin, one can easily reach here via trains, buses and cars in the form of their on private vehicle or as a taxi or a cab.



There are many tourist companies which would easily arrange your trip round the region with a lot of professionalism. They would even take into consideration your personal wishes and demands and set the entire tour according to you. All is easily taken care of right from tickets to accommodation to food demands as well as your travel itinerary is prepared in advance and all is marked up to date. As far as hotels are concerned one can choose from an entire range of hotels starting from five star hotels to three star hotels as per one’s needs and budgets. Same goes with all forms of vehicles for travelling to foods and sight seeing. The tourist companies can even offer you with guides to make the entire trip even more special and help you understand every aspect related to Alleppey even more special. Since, Alleppey is known for its back waters, with prior notification one can even book a back water boat for themselves for a night or so and enjoy their absolutely pleasant and a beautiful stay over there. One can even plan a day of shopping and splurge buying local goodies like spices, local clothes, local tea and coffee.

Kerala is often sighted and termed as the land of the Gods. Alleppey holds this saying true, as the most number of places worth seeing here are the beautiful, magnificent temples here. Alleyppey is one of the rare places in Kerala which lets non-Hindu people enter the temple, though foreigners are not allowed. One must definitely see the famous Ambalapuzha temple and its famous festival. It is located at a distance of approximately fourteen kilometers from the main town and is one of the major city highlights. The Prasad of the temple is famous worldwide for its naturally sweet taste and is called the Rose Payasam. Apart from this one can visit many important places like the Shreekrishna Swami temple and churches like St. Mary’s church. This church is also known as the Champakulam church and is believed to be one of the seven churches set up by St. Thomas. One should even visit the local market and invest in buying spices that are locally grown and produced here such as Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Bay leaves, Vanilla pods and etc. One should even invest in the famous temple jewellery available here which is of historical importance since long.

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