Five ways to spend holidays in India

India is famous around the world for spectacular tourist spots. Whether it is your honeymoon, religious tour or adventure holidays, there is something for everyone. So how will you plan your holidays so that it is fulfilling and worth every money you spent? Scroll down to read five ways you can spend your holidays in India so that you enjoy every moment in India.

holidays in india

One of the ways you can spend your holidays in India is through adventure sports. You may go to the foot hills of Himalayas and enjoy winter sports such as trekking, mountain climbing and winter sports such as skiing. If the adrenaline rush is not enough, you can head towards Rishikesh which is one of the most famous places for adventure sports. You can indulge into river rafting during February and June and again from September to Mid December. Besides this you can also indulge yourself into body surfing & cliff jumping, rappelling & rock climbing, waterfall trekking, kayaking, canyoning and canoeing.

Another way you can spend your holidays in India is by enjoying some of the most splendid beaches in India. If you love sea and sea food head towards the sea shores. The sun kissed beaches of India will take you by surprise. While Goa beaches make you feel young and vivacious, while Lakshwadeep will interest you if you love the aqua marine tourism. Lakshwadeep is becoming increasingly popular for its spectacular beaches clear water and coral reefs.

If you are interested to explore the spiritual side of India, you have several religious and holy places. Learn about its mysticism and philosophy. Visit Badri Nath and Kedar Nath to visit the two mighty Hindu Gods, Vishnu and Shiva. Traverse through the destinations of Ganga from Gangotri, towards Haridwar, Banaras and Kashi.  It teaches about the course of one’s life, journey and death and ultimately nirvana.

Heritage tourism is one of the best ways of spending your holidays in India. India is peppered with monuments of historical significance, which page by page unravels the history of India. Be it Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur, Udaipur, Hyderabad or Aurangabad, each city and state has its diachronic importance.

The first and last, probably the best way, to spend your time in India is by tantalizing your taste buds and gorging on some relishing delicacies of Indian cuisine. Be it North, West, East or South every direction you travel there is new flavor which surprises you every time.

India will never disappoint you as a traveler, as every nook and cranny of this country has a different culture and hence a different flavour as well.  You may never get enough of it.

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