India Holiday trends for 2013

Holidays are for relaxation and sightseeing. Indian holidays occur during the National and Regional festivals. Though there are lots of local and national festivals which revolve around religion and region, there has been only certain important days are declared as public holidays. These days are, without doubt, holidays when people all throughout the country celebrate and enjoy. Only the emergency and essential services will run on these days.

holiday dates 2013

India holiday dates 2013

Every year, according to the Indian gazette, there are three public holidays which people celebrate in their own way. The first Indian holiday 2013 in the month of January is the Republic Day. It occurs on the 26th of January. Delhi, the capital of India will witness a colorful parade in front of the President of India who will take the salutes of the Army, Navy and Air force  In addition, all important regions and departments will showcase their highlights in front of the President. This parade will be an enjoyable one exhibiting the cultural and ethical background of the country along with the modern developments in science and technology. Even school and college children from all over the country will take part in this Republic day Parade. The second Indian holiday 2013 in the Gazette is the Independence Day that falls on every 15th of August. The third one is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd October.

Apart from these full National Holidays there are many national holidays every year declared in the Gazette.  Most of them are religious based. While many of them are declared as National Holidays throughout the country, some are declared as holidays to certain regions only. Since India is a vast country where people follow various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, etc., These Indian Holidays are declared for certain regions only where people of particular religion live.  Buddha Purnima on 25th May is one such Indian holiday 2013. Other popular holidays are Janmashtami, Dussera, Diwali, Guru NanakJayanti, Muharram, and Christmas.

Trends in Visitor and Working Holiday

Trends in Visitor and Working Holiday

The general trend in India towards spending holidays, apart from celebrating festivals, is going to tours during the summer vacation and during the year end vacation. India holiday in December is the hottest holiday season when people will be travelling to other places according to their budgets. December is the season when there is a general holiday mood in the air. Indians all over the country, irrespective of their religion, celebrate Christmas in a much greater enthusiasm. Along with Christmas, the main India holiday in December, many of the government employees who have saved all their eligible leaves for this purpose, will be ready to go for long trips to relax and to begin the New Year with full vigor. The current trend of travelling to new places is growing tremendously among the Indians. Due to the decreased flight charges and the increased income potential among the middle class Indians, there has been a large percentage growth in the inbound as well as outbound travels especially during an India holiday in December.

Travelling: The emerging holiday trend in India is more towards travelling to new places in affordable prices. Particularly the younger generation is keen to explore the new destinations and is looking forward to have new experiences. Travelling to various parts of the world is becoming a new necessity and almost a compulsory routine in Indian holidays. The globalization and the increasing family and work pressures are the reasons that have created these routine compulsions among the Indians. They have discovered that tourism is the best solace that relaxes and rejuvenates both the mind and body and so the increase in travelling for the past two decades.

Adventure Sports and Activities: The new trend during an India holiday in December planning towards travelling is the adventure sports and activities for the youth and even for family. Many Indians have learned to enjoy and explore their touring trips by indulging in adventure sports like mountaineering, trekking, water sports, skiing, scuba diving, balloon safari, etc., Hence packages that satisfy the youth and the adventurers are in great demand. Apart from sightseeing the world famous places, they want to select tour packages that allow them more adventure and entertainment.


ski skiing india

ski skiing india

Eco-Tourism: Another trend in travelling during Holiday India is the exploration of the world in an eco-friendly method. This eco-tourism, with as much as comfort and style as possible, among the natural areas and among the dense forests that are preciously preserved, are on the increase. Indian holiday 2013 also is fast witnessing niche tourism where tourists enjoy their holidays within their chosen field of friends.

Experimental Tourism:  Many Indian tourists like to spend their life, at least for the few days during their India holidays, in a new cultural background and be apart of a different culture. For this they are ready to avoid the routine holiday hotels and prefer homestays, which provide a greater opportunity to stay with a foreign family, eat their home made food and be a guest, without losing their privacy.  India holiday 2013 is fast moving towards homestay culture.

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