Perfect Wildlife Tour in the Land of Tigers

If you love wildlife and especially the tigers, then a vacation to the country whose national animal is Tiger and whose national parks are famous for not only the wild tigers but also for all kinds of wild animals.

corbett national park

The most visited national park is the Jim Corbett National Park. Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas this park provides perfect residence for the national animal of India. It is the first national park of the country and was established in year 1936. Having a whopping area of 1318 sq km, it is spread across varied landscapes like grasslands, rivers, marshes, swamps and dense forests. Here, adventure enthusiasts can spot tigers almost all the year round. This place is also known for being home to major concentration of the endangered Royal Bengal Tigers. This national park has been named after the very famous British hunter and nature conservationist- Jim Corbett.

Corbett National park can easily be called as the land of tigers as one can find all the varieties of tigers in the natural setting. No nature lover can miss the adventure and charm of spotting the tigers roaming in the dense forest freely with no fear.

Apart from tigers there are thousands of other wildlife creatures as well present in the forest that is situated in the Kumaon Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand which is nature’s paradise in itself.

There are elephants, sambhar deers, crocodiles, cheetals and more than 400 plus species of the migratory and resident birds that travel thousands of miles to reach here every year.

The land of tigers, Corbett National Parks is opened in October while in November the core zone of Dhikala is made public till June. You can go for the adventure safari in the park through government approved jeeps however many people opt for small buses that are known as canters.

If you do want to miss the opportunity of the jungle safari in the land of tigers it is advisable to get the bookings done in advance only as there is lot of steady rush at the place during the season.

The best time to spot the tigers in Corbett national park is from October till January as the weather during this time is cold. Also as one progresses towards the summer large numbers of tigers can be seen roaming in search of food and water. You can always see them dipping in the lakes and ponds to cool them off and quenching their thirst.

Most of the wildlife enthusiast like to visit the place in summer itself as gives them perfect view of the wild tigers as during this season there is less foliage and forest is also less dense.

On the other hand winters also have their own charm with dense forest, serene nature and comfortable weather that renders enchanting view of the hordes of migratory birds and wildlife.

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