Things to do in India

india attractions

Taj Mahal is the crown palace and symbol of eternal love, well known to seven wonders all over the world. You must not miss to visit it. Madurai is believed to be the oldest of South Asia and said to be the temple city, due to its enormous unmatchable temples. You ought to visit Madurai.

If you love to enjoy beaches, Goa is the perfect for this go to Bagha beach eat, drink and enjoy yourself in different ways according to surroundings.

If you are planning to visit Gangtok in winter season test out the ice-covered lake and certainly come to visit China Border. The place has magnificent monasteries also.

India is the home to assortment of different culture and different religion so you will get to enjoy various types of festival during your trip to India weather in any season you visit. Afterward wreck of the city of triumph Vijaynagar well known as Hampi is able to visit. More over it you can get pleasure from boating on the backwaters of Karala through the verdant steamy waterways of the Deep South of India.

If you would like to enjoy wonderful stony friezes, sacred and sea shabby coast temple, Mamalllapuram is the finest fishing and stone statuette village to visit.

Camel riding at the grand Indian Desert could be very idealistic for the tourist experience and having a ride on elephant bareback and a lot more you can take enjoy in Jaipur. Amritsar is renowned place in Punjab in India is a scared place for the believer of Sikh religion must visit it.

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