Unseen splendor of Rajmachi

Built in the 17th century, Rajmachi is a small village in the rugged mountains of Sahyadri. Famous for its widespread trekking area and is a historical trade route in Maharashtra. The picturesque view of this place makes it a famous tourist destination.

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The beauty of this place lies in its tow fortified structures the Shrivardhan fort and Manaranjan fort. Going back to its history, Rajmachi played a significant role in the Indian history as it was a den for many rulers and invaders in the past. This fort was built to overview the entire Konkan region. Located very close to popular destinations Lonavala and Khandala, Rajmachi fort has its serene beauty. The ancient caves built near the fort are famous for their ingenious architectures. During monsoon this place becomes more attractive with giant waterfalls and greenery.

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For trekkers this place is an awesome treat, they can begin their journey to Rajmachi from Lonavala and up to the Tungarli Dam. A two day trekking is always preferred as one cannot complete their journey in 24 hours.

Visitors visit this place for an overview of the forest and fort area of this place. The wildlife sanctuary in Rajmachi attracts maximum tourists of the nearby areas. Tourist can explore the unseen beauty of Rajmachi and can have a better insight of this place. The place like Walwan Village which lies between the twin hills is famous for its beautiful waterfalls during the monsoon. The Udhewadi Village is a place where one can taste the genuine Maharashtrian food. Talking about Shrivardhan fort, the famous landmark of Rajmachi, this fort is located to the east side of Rajmachi.

The beautiful semi circular entrance of this fort marks a Buddhist influence on the visitor. There is carved stone plate in the wall of the water reservoir which makes the places even more beautiful. An ancient Shiva temple, built in Hemdpanti style, is situated on the western side of the water reservoir. The Manoranjan Fort famous for its square lake has a magnificent view and tourist can rest here for an hour or two to have a look at its natural beauty. The fort at Pali, Karnala, Nagfani, Matheran or the Khandala railway station can be seen from this height of the fort.  Tourist can also visit the four ancient Buddhist caves at the base of the Twin peaks.

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